Curvaceous and then straight, a minaret stands solitary against the midday sun. Crisp heat and grains of sand glistening on your fingertips. At 2 minutes past twelve the minaret casts a shadow on the desert floor. The darkness spreads, like breaths of hot desert air you breath in. A gateway opens as the shadow expands and peering into the silhouette you can see the cosmos as jewels sprinkled onto a velvet robe.

A shooting star moves towards the surface and erupts through the darkened desert floor, rises a few feet into the air and falls back onto the ground with a “putt” sound;  having emerged into this world, as a shiny black beetle.

The newly formed beetle flips over and leaves the shadowed floor, egressing into the sun making a slow migration towards the towering minaret that was now changing colors to an afternoon red.

It is twilight before it reaches the base.

Ghalib the beetle, now makes his ascent vertical. Having never traveled upwards before, he falls a few times before managing to secure a hold that will help him fight gravity. His movements are still shaky and insecure, having only emerged into this beetlesque form this afternoon. In fact the form of beetle Ghalib had embodied had two additional legs than any form of beetle known to mankind.

Not that anyone was around at the present moment to really care.

Upwards. Each step so precarious. The grooves in the bricks of hardened sand that were now a dark blue to match the evening sky, feeling so silken under Ghalib’s insect legs. To fall now would not mean death, or even injury. Surely, he would catch a passing breeze and glide safely to the ground. Or then his sturdy shell would absorb the impact.

If he did fall however, it would mean losing a night’s worth of time and effort with no sustenance. What Ghalib did not have right now was time. Who knew how long beetles lived anyways?



She lied and I believed her. It was over. But It was not black and white. It was gray on gray, like ashes strewn into a river.

I lie to myself. Over and over again.  Somehow it keeps me sane, but I do not know where this will lead me. If I lay on a bed of lies I do not know when I will wake.

We are lied to on a daily basis to cover what lies under. But you hear the screams of gigantic cogs turning to make monsters.

The yang is a part of you. We are no where if we do not understand.

Forever in debt for the


                                  hand me downs,


you don’t even know you gave to me.





Humanity has a face (distorted inhumane)

Distortion is inhumane

i woke up and realized

it wasn’t all a game.

I would take it back and say it again in a different way but now that time has passed.


Shelf life of a humanoid,

Perishable…Ascribe to be a higher form

 of existence.

Do not run the minutes of your life



Crawl and be the ground so you can realise how you are made from the earth beneath your feet.

Rise to understand how he can love you more than man

Take flight and perspective will no longer be an opinion

There is only one message (again and again and again).




Nai Roshni

…onto these pages devoid of thought. Nothing ventured,nothing lost.


A silver mask of vague expressions,

my hand unties and my face falls to the ground.

I am myself until i am found.


A lagoon of stagnant emotion,

a mirror to the canvas of the night that lays open,

and a secret star,

that never shone at all.


A torn sack of wheat spills forth,

more will grow from what we have when the time comes.


She weaves a crescent into the sun,

for her there is only one,

there is no other.



NAi RosHni

Dark nights and streetlights,

what you ask of me is sacrifice

Daydreams and traffic streams

it’s not as easy as it seems.


Always sleepless never awake

living in a dreaming state

with eyes wide shut

open your eyes


freedom is a bird you find

gliding in and out of sight.







The sun gone down,

and all ’round town

they’ve been talkin bout seein you with me.


The way you said,

words velvet through your lips,

and the oceans in your eyes,

i could drown.


Crazy cool, i’m such a fool for love

i go blind.


When i rise again,

sun beatin down upon me,

i see you gone with all i had,

you were just a dream gone bad…


Afterglow of your love,

secret smiles,

lingering touch

the scent of you

 would lead a man

 into his grave.



Does not know right from wrong
has forgotten all inherent sense that comes with birth and age
lost and in the end all black

Bluesoul always melancholy
Escaping from reality
So far away in a capsule
cruising over the rim of the earth’s atmosphere
you saved yourself
but left others behind

Of all the colors in the spectrum
You color me red.
I brought a crimson dawn upon mankind
I thought I washed away my sins with bloodshed

With age I am now a gray of many shades
Indifferent and sedate
I have chosen to forget the colors of life in her eyes
But sometimes in stillness
I remember